Google Fonts

Here’s a quick tip about quickly choosing Google fonts from within a cre8tives theme (or other themes that also use Google fonts)… Open a new tab in your browser and go to Use the filter option and test with your own text. Make note of the font name, then change that in your theme […]

Typekit Fonts

If you would like to use your own Typekit fonts in your cre8tives theme it’s fairly simple. create a free Typekit account (paid accounts may be required for some fonts) create a kit with the font you want to use copy the kit ID go to Appearance > Customize > Typography > Typekit enter your Typekit […]

Theme Switching and Typography

Due to a limitation with Adobe’s Typekit system, when switching between cre8tives themes in Appearance > Customize, the Typekit fonts don’t automatically load. Here’s how to quickly enable the fonts from our themes after switching from one to another: Activate your desired theme Go to Appearance > Customize Click Typography, then Typekit Click the LOAD […]